There are numerous communication channels, media or non-media. To have a good communication is to know of the pros and cons of each, to know which channel to use and when. However, numerous possibilities make these choices harder. Today, we are going to compare email campaigns and professional SMS.

You are probably already using email campaigns. Widespread in work places, it allows to inform clients about innovations and changes. Email cannot be overlooked when communication is concerned. On another side, professional sms is becoming more and more important in companies: bulk sms, notification by sms, whatever your profession, professional sms simplify companies’ life.


Email campaigns

Nowadays, how is email considered among consumers? Internet users have 2,2 mailing boxes on average and have subscribed to more than 6 newsletters.

61% of them read their emails on a smartphone, the latter having overridden computers in the last years. Therefore, it’s capital that newsletters are optimized on these devices. Moreover, 29% of Internet users instantly delete a newsletter with a poor display, which mean that almost 1/3 of clients are lost because emails are not optimized.

However, email campaigns are still very important to consumers. 75% of them assure that they have bought a product or service after receiving a promotion by newsletter.

Nevertheless, it’s important to know that emails do have inconveniences: Internet users generally only opens 20% of their emails and 49,7% are automatically redirected as SPAM.

Thus, if emails are still appreciated by consumers, its opening rate makes it less and less interesting every day, if used alone.


Text messages

These days, 75% of the world population have a smartphone. The SMS has become very handy to communicate easily and stay close to customers, whose phone has become a full-fledged consumption tool.

The SMS has two professional uses: promotion and notification.

On one hand, companies can create SMS marketing campaigns to promote their products or services all year long (sales, private sales…). This bulk sms has a commercial purpose and is mostly link to a mass sending.

On the other hand, notification by sms is useful to alert clients when needed (appointments reminders, follow up of orders…). This informational sms does not have any commercial value and is mostly assimilated to unit sending.

80% of people are interested by commercial sms from their favorites brands. With a rending rate of 97% and a memorization rate of 80%, professional sms is, well used, a great communication channel.

Quick, easy to use, profitable, professional sms has become essential for companies that use it.


Email campaigns VS text messages

The most important thing to understand it that there is no choice to make: you should use both email campaigns and professional SMS to communication with consumers. Those tools complement one another.

Email is a tool that allows you to communicate more information to your clients. Email campaigns are very complete and clear. Moreover, it’s very easy to personalize emails with targeted offers. Finally, email is far-sighted: you communicate early on your offers, so consumers have time to organize themselves when needed. However, preparing an email campaign is long and complex. Not only should you prepare a visual and complete campaign, but you should also assure its reception and its display, which requires specifics competences.

SMS has a numeric constraint: an SMS = 160 characters. Therefore, with an SMS, you go straight to the point. Less complete, it also allows to attract the eye easily on information consumers need to remember. This explains its very good memorization rate. Moreover, considering the importance of smartphones, the deliverability rate and the reading rate that are excellent, this tool assures you the reception and the reading of the information sent. Finally, the sms is a last-minute tool: contrary to email, you do not send SMS ahead of time, you must send them right on time, to arouse interest on time “t”. It is also a last-minute tool thanks to its speed of creation: the content is short, the visual is simple, an SMS campaign is prepared way more quickly than email campaigns.


Email campaigns and text messages

It may be difficult to understand how to make a campaign using both email and SMS as communication channels. Here is a practical example.

You organize an event with registrations. Start by sending a SAVE THE DATE newsletter with important information on the event, how and until when people can register. If you’ve chosen to hide some information, reveal them with a second newsletter a week before the event.

What is the place of SMS in this campaign? Use it as a reminder. Send an SMS the day before the end of registration with a means for people to register: people who may have forgotten will be able to do it easily and quickly. If your event is popular and promptly complete, use the sms to offer unsubscribed places to interested people. Finally, send an alert by sms the day before the event with all important information (hour, parking…).


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