After several months of long meetings, strategic consideration, many drafting, relentless development… We are proud to finally present to you the new SMSFactor’s website! We hope you'll like it as much as we do!


Why a new SMSFactor’s website

Active on the professional A2P SMS market since 2010, we've felt the need to modernize our design. In 2020 we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and we thought it was time for some changes!

Our entire team worked very hard to make sure this project would quickly see the light of day and would be the best it could be! All departments pondered, debated, modeled and implemented it.

This new website was also and foremost created to improve the customer experience, by making the reading clearer and more enjoyable. To make an easier access to information felt essential and it’s a factor that came under a lot of consideration. Therefore it allows you to discover all our SMS solutions in just the blink of an eye and to know everything you need about professional SMS.

We wanted to create a website that would meet the expectations of each person visiting it: we made it for our clients, partners, visitors…


What is changing on this new website

We have worked on many different points. It’s not only a reworking to rejuvenate the design, but a really thinking of our corporate identity, style and strategic choices regarding our website and its image.

  • New colors: we chose to adopt new colors, more modern and in line with the company’s evolution. Do you like them? Because we love them!
  • A responsive website : it adapts itself to all screen sizes so you can easily access it from any computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Speed : the loading time has drastically decreased. You won’t have to wait while looking for any information and will save time. A quick and efficient website at your service!
  • A new design: we wanted to optimize the user's reading. This design is more modern and therefore the website is clearer and more pleasant to browse.
  • A better ergonomic design: in just a few clicks you’ll find all the information you need. The menu was rethought and the presentation of our solutions evolved.

On this new website, the accent is on all our SMS solutions, to meet as many of our clients’ expectations as possible. We make a point of honour to provide quality SMS solutions, an attentive customer service and a technical support with the greatest of care. This new website matches our values because it allows us to take better care of our visitors and clients.


A new blog

Who says new website also says new blog! New articles themes and categories, new design matching the rest of the website, and here is our brand-new blog!

You can easily browse it to learn more about professional SMS and SMSFactor.


We hope this new website suits your taste and that you’ll enjoy browsing it. Other innovations are coming soon, stay connected!