Are you looking to improve your acquisition and communication channels? Would you like to optimise customer retention? Would you like to create a complete strategy for reaching your customers with the right media, with the right messaging, at the right time? We have THE solution!

A few months ago, SMSFactor launched the SMS messaging plugin for the HubSpot CRM, which is accessible through your contact records or workflows once installed.

HubSpot is a specialised solution for everything from daily marketing operations to sales content management and everything in between. Each department can use the platform and interact with one another. Teams can digitise and optimise their operations from customer acquisition to retention. Whether your SMS messaging and HubSpot CRM strategies are already implemented or are just being conceived, our new plugin allows you to get it going in just a click.

Here are 5 reasons why you need our HubSpot SMS plugin for your professional SMS messaging.


Make the Most of the Popularity of SMS Messaging

Réception d'un SMS professionnel envoyé via CRM HubSpot

Professional SMS messaging is booming: 91% of users find SMS messaging from brands useful. 55% of consumers prefer SMS messages for meeting and appointment reminders. 80% prefer to track packages and deliveries via their smartphone. 90% of messages are received within three minutes. HubSpot users have a massive opportunity to convert and retain customers through our solution!

Using professional SMS messaging via your HubSpot CRM can boost your digital communications while using content you already have! For example, if you had planned to send an email to showcase a new product, you could easily adapt this into an SMS message and increase conversion opportunities. You can complement other channels without reducing marketing productivity. There are only benefits!


Maximise your Conversion Opportunities

Sending professional SMS messages via your HubSpot CRM allows you to go further with your marketing and add another acquisition channel to your digital strategy. With 5.31 billion mobile users around the world, you’ll be able to reach more potential customers with each campaign.

So how can you convert them? With professional SMS messaging, you can diversify your campaigns with complementary strategies and increase the number of conversion opportunities.

Consider using SMS messaging as a way to reach potential customers and send them short quality content with tracked links to your site, for example. You can also incentivise visitors with promotional welcome codes sent to their smartphones to convert leads and create long-term revenue.

HubSpot allows you to automate these and maximise your customer acquisition. With the SMSFactor plugin, you can add another string to your bow with just one click. Professional SMS messaging can be quickly integrated into the HubSpot CRM and will open your business to a wide world of lead conversion.

Shoping en ligne après réception d'un SMS pro


Retain Customers Using SMS Messaging

EIn addition to lead generation, professional SMS messaging allows you to communicate with your customers at any time. Whether you need to remind them of a meeting or an appointment, keep them up to date with current promotions, show them new products, or provide them with information, SMSFactor is there! Send your customers all the information they need at any time directly from your HubSpot CRM thanks to our plugin.

When it comes to customer retention, you can go even further! Wish your customers a happy birthday by sending them exclusive promotions through a shortened URL included in the SMS message, let your clients know their favorite product is back in stock, and so on! As you can see, the opportunities for conversion and retention through professional SMS messaging in the HubSpot CRM are only limited by your imagination! Download our plugin from the marketplace now!



Endless Segmentation Possibilities

Envoyez vos SMS professionnel via votre CRM HubSpot

QOur professional SMS messaging plugin for your HubSpot CRM can help you to contact potential customers, current customers, or partners anywhere in the world individually or all at once with personalised messaging or generalised content.

Whether you’re digitising or automating your marketing activities through HubSpot or already have strategies in place, you can benefit from everything our product has to offer on the platform you’re already using.

The service can be integrated at any time in just one click. You can centralise your marketing while diversifying your marketing communications with professional SMS messaging through HubSpot. The integration with the HubSpot CRM allows you to use your preexisting segments and targeted campaigns to get your message out. You can also further segment your content with new messaging sent directly to new or existing customers.


Easily Integrate SMS Messaging into Your CRM

Our downloadable plugin is available on the HubSpot marketplace and can be quickly and easily installed without any technical knowledge. Click on the button above and add our professional SMS plugin to your HubSpot interface in just one click!

Once downloaded, the plugin will allow you to contact your customers through their contact files or send individual or group messages through workflows without having to leave your CRM.

To learn how to use our plugin, you can read our guide on the SMSFactorxHubSpot app.


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