Summer is coming! And coincidentally, or no, the June solstice often match the World Music Day on June 21st. This day is the perfect occasion for families and friends of all ages to celebrate the beginning of summer in music.

On this special day, bars, restaurants and night clubs race to organize the best merrymakings! To stand out of the crowd, each of you is trying to be as inventive and original as possible. For city halls, associations and music schools too, a lot of organization is needed to prepare for this event. But despite all your efforts, is your Word Music Day always the success you count on?

You can have the best DJ, ravishing rockers, an attractive menu and an established organization, if you do not communicate the right way, your day may just go down the drain! Communication tools are always the same: flyers in the streets, shares shares of the event on social networks … But are they enough? Isn’t it time to try something different?

That’s when professional SMS for World Music Day comes in handy! Indeed, this surprising effective marketing tool allows you to create an affordable an easy promotion for a successful World Music Day!


The marketing SMS, your evening's ally

With an opening rate of 97%, professional SMS is unbeatable and impressive in a marketing strategy! In a society where people never leave their phones for one minute, the sms has become the most impactful media. People receiving an sms can read and re-read it as much as they want! Say good bye to forgotten emails and scribbled posters in the street. With a notification by sms, information is available to everyone everywhere at any time!

This marketing tool will allow you to stand out from your competitors. By sending SMS about your World Music Day, you’ll have a modern and original image, which is not always easy to have when digitizing. You don’t need a huge marketing budget to use professional sms: it’s very affordable.

Extra advantage: You are proud of the flyer announcing your party and you have lined some all over the city! However, you would like to do more so that everyone would remember it? It might be a bit complicated in the streets, with all the other posters that people will see. Dematerialize your flyer and add a short URL to your SMS redirecting to it!


Attracting more customers

Your party is ready, every minute is perfectly organized, you worked very hard for it to be a success. You just have to share the information with your clients! But do you have their phone numbers? Indeed, there is nothing easier than sending a professional SMS, but you obviously need the phone numbers of your recipients to do so.

There are different techniques to obtain phone numbers without spending too much money: contests, fidelity card… You only need the solution adapted to your needs.

You can also rent a mobile database. This process is simple: depending on the criteria you’ll have chosen in a first time, you’ll receive in a second time a list of opt-ins numbers to send your marketing campaign to. By choosing yourself the criteria, you’ll target people that are the best match with your offers and your operation will have more chance of being a success.

But for your campaign to be a real success, the content of your message is the most important! The offer described in the message must be simple and relevant to the person reading it! The offer must be attractive, and the message must be informative but also short: as everyone know, too much information kills information! Moreover, this communication channel allows you to personalize the sender of your message: do not hesitate to use this option to be closer to your customers!


Which text message for World Music Day

Of course, a restaurant organizing a cocktail evening won’t send the same bulk SMS as a music association organizing an outdoor concert. Every sector has his professional SMS for World Music Day.

You can send a VIP invitation by SMS! A beautiful way of saying thank you to your best customers. For instance, give them an access to the dressing rooms to meet the new popular DJ coming to your night club on this special occasion!

It’s quite common for restaurants to have a special menu for Word Music Day. For your regular customers not to be surprised by the changes, send them the new menu in advance.

If you organize a themed evening, let the customers know about the dressing code! Isn’t it better when everyone plays along?

For restaurants and bars, this evening is one of the most important of the year: the promised offer in the message must be worth it! For instance, send an sms indicating your special cocktail will be back and that the first drink will be free of charge!

If there is only one occasion in the year to organize a concert, it is on the World Music Day! Schools, associations, city halls, restaurants, bars… The evening is cadenced by concerts of different types. Add something to your sms indicating the groups and singers performing and offer a reduction rate on the entry.

The professional SMS also have an informative purpose. City halls might organize a concert or a festival for the occasion. The schedule is going to be very hectic! That’s why an informative SMS is the best way to let everyone know what will happen, where and at what time.

Extra advantage: Once the World Music Day is over, send an SMS survey asking your customers if they had a good evening! Therefore, you’ll be able to know what was successful and what was not. You’ll have a better idea of how your event went, what you should repeat and avoid next year.


You now have all the cards in your hands to organize your evening thanks to professional SMS for World Music Day! Of course, this evening asks for a lot of time and resources, but be reassured, our sms platform is simple and quick to use! Our team will accompany you along the way. Do not hesitate anymore and use marketing sms to organize an unforgettable World Music Day!