Companies very often need to inform in real time, quickly and effectively. Bosses often need to communicate to some people precise ad urgent information. That why, many companies have chosen the rapidity and simplicity by sending sms by email to all their collaborators when they need to pass information quickly and to be sure that the message has been seen. This solution adapts itself to any companies and any sectors, but, Mail to SMS, in practice what does that means?


What enables the Mail to SMS?

Whatever is your mailbox, the Mail to SMS enables the sending of sms from your mailbox. It is possible to send a gmail sms to several contacts at the same time. The contacts’ number you can send your mail to sms depends on the mailing service. It is practical to inform all collaborators with a simple email. By using this tool which has a reading rate of 97% you can be sure that your message has got through.

When the recipient answers, via his phone, to your sms, you can receive his answer if you wish, directly in your mailbox! This is amazing to not having to change device between the sending of sms and the reception of the answer! The use of this service is free, you just need to buy sms.

By connecting to your smsfactor account you will have statistics of your sending’s, useful for example when you send a short link in your sms because you will know the number of people who clicked on it. You also see there the numbers who received your message and if one of them, for x reason, did not received it, you will find the information there.


The advantages of Mail to SMS gmail

Fast and easy: It can appear complicated at the first time, but it is very easy to use! You just need a few clicks and in 5 minutes your sms pro is ready!

Immediacy: the sending is immediate! Once the button “send” is clicked, you don’t have to wait more than 1 minute for your recipients to receive your sms!

Personalization: It is more pleasant to know who send us an sms. Do not hesitate to personalize the sender, you can do it really simply during the preparation of your message!

Accessible on all mailbox: You can send sms with gmail but also with any other mailbox: Outlook, Yahoo or Hotmail… No worries, the steps to follow are the same!


Is Mail to SMS the solution to your needs?

You probably wonder which types of sms you can send by email!?

Most of the time this tool is perfect for the sending of sms alerts, more specifically for the company internal communication. It is essential to Communicate with your collaborators and to make sure that the information concerning the company has been properly passed to them. Today, nobody can live without his phone, and your collaborators are no exception to this rule.


Examples of internal communication by sms

  • Send an sms by email to inform your employees of technical problems;
  • Organize or remind the hour of a meeting to your team;
  • Transmit the planning of the month thanks to the insertion of a short link in your sms.

The Mail to SMS is useful to communicate with a customer, supplier or any another external part. In the case of appointment reminder, you can use it for example. Plugins, like Zapier, allow to automate easily your appointment reminders by linking your Google Agenda and your sms sendings.


If the adventure of Mail to SMS tempts you, discover our tutorial MAIL2SMS and our video tutorial “How to send an sms by email” For any question or request of information, you can contact our commercial team who will be glad to help you.