Having a digital marketing strategy, it’s also taking an interest in professional sms!


The professional SMS is easy!

It’s quite easy to set an SMS communication campaign up. Contrary to email campaigns that must be detailed, it’s better if a professional SMS is not longer than 160 characters. To be successful with sms campaigns, you must be concise and clear. Therefore, creating a campaign in less than 10 minutes is possible with professional SMS: write a short and striking message, choose when to send it, to who and it’s ready to go!

Hence you only have to find a trustworthy and qualified SMS platform to start this sms adventure! Who said professional SMS was a complicated tool?


The professional SMS is efficient!

The professional SMS does not only allow you to be in contact with your clients through a widespread communication channel -let’s not forget that there are 2.4 billion smartphone users in the world in 2017 – it’s potential is also appreciable: 95% of the time, an SMS is read in the 4 minutes following its reception! It’s very important to notice that a person watches its phone around 150 times a day! Get in touch with your clients is a piece of cake with professional SMS!

Moreover, 70% of people say to be interested in receiving commercial offers by SMS from their favorites shops, which memorization rate is 80%. Thus, the SMS is a very interactive tool: the exchange with client can be immediate and is compatible with all mobile phones, smartphones or not.

Finally, the click rate for email campaigns fluctuates between 1 and 5%, depending on the sector, whereas it reaches 20% for professional SMS! Furthermore, contrary to conceived ideas, professional SMS is not intrusive: according to an MMAF study, we receive approximatively 4.3 commercial text messages per month, against more than 200 commercial emails.

Professional SMS, with a shorter, more striking and less pressured message, it a very interesting tool to complete your email campaigns strategy.


The professional SMS is reliable!

Thanks to the numbers’ portability between operators, users can keep their phone numbers through the models and operators’ changes. Since November 2012, the procedure is mandatory and super simple: the transfer of numbers takes on average between 3 to 5 in Europe.

We offer a premium SMS service: you have access to received receipts and you can settle on received, not received messages, and invalid numbers. Add those numbers to your invalid list, and do not waste more sms on wrong numbers!

Moreover, users trust the messages they receive and do not find them aggressive or intrusive, in the limit of a reasonable numbers of sent sms, obviously!

It’s also important to know how to deal with STOP SMS. It is capital that when you do an sms campaign, your clients can unsubscribe if they do not want to receive your offers anymore. Thanks to premium SMS, the management of STOP SMS is automatic: your client sends a “STOP SMS” that does not cost you a thing, and our platform automatically puts the number in a “blacklist”: you cannot send messages to this person anymore, even by mistake! In some countries, reply does not work. Therefore, people will have access to a short link to unsubscribe.

We insisted several time on the expression “premium SMS”. A low-cost SMS indeed exists, less expensive but with a lot of negative points. Firstly, this low-cost sms is close to being illegal as it is not connected to operators but goes through a modem. Secondly, it does not respect the rules of bulk sms: it’s forbidden to send a promotional SMS between 8pm and 8am, but it’s not possible to handle the sending time of low-cost sms: your sms could arrive on the phone of your clients in the middle of the night!


The professional SMS innovates!

Professional SMS allows much more than just sending promotional and notification SMS. The services in the world of professional SMS does not cease to change.

For instance, for professionals that wish to interrogate their clients, SMS survey is a new, easy and quick way to create polls and learn more about their satisfaction.

For professionals looking for more data on the sending and clicks, links can be tracked, allowing them to know who is interested in your offers and therefore to improve your targeting.

And get ready for more: the sms has not said its last word! This year is going to be rich in news, so stay connected and discover the new services of our sms platform coming through!


Professional SMS is a way to communicate with consumers. It changed the ways for many companies. You’re not using professional SMS and wish to try this new adventure? You can contact us on +339. or at client@smsfactor.com, our commercial service would be glad to help you in this next step.